Acclaimed Author's New Book Mentions Pharos

Acclaimed Author's New Book Mentions Pharos

January 29, 2020

Acclaimed author, Lawrence (Larry) R. Samuel recently released a new book titled, Future Trends: A Guide to Decision Making and Leadership in Business.  In it, he referenced an article written by Scott Stanley of Pharos Wealth Management on the subject of "Socially Responsible Investing."  Humble brag on my part? Sure! 

Investment management has shifted in the face of evolving social values to accommodate socially responsible strategies.  As our world learns and evolves, it become more important to individual investors (and, therefore, institutional investors) to invest in companies and opportunities that align with their morals/values.  This movement is giving a new meaning to "putting your money where your mouth is."  

Larry Samuel has done an incredible job of presenting the emerging trend of socially responsible investing.  It is framed in the context of general future trends and how many segments of our lives are shifting towards values-based decision making.  This concept can more generally be referred to as ESG (i.e. Environmental, Social Justice, and Corporate Governance). 

I highly recommend this book, so check it out!