Perhaps the most defining aspect of Pharos Wealth Management is our investment process.  At the heart of this process is a customized, thoughtfully developed approach to managing the money of each of our investors.  We understand that the dynamics and specific goals of each individual can vary widely which is why we never approach each portfolio the same way.  From conservative to aggressive and everything in between, we will work out an investment focus together based on your needs.  

We also offer Socially Responsible Portfolios for those that are looking for a way to integrate their values into their investment process. CLICK HERE to learn more about what Socially Responsible Investing is.   

Our approach to managing your investment portfolio usually focuses on the importance of preserving your principal.  Markets and business cycles come in many forms which is why we’ve developed numerous tools to help us respond to an ever-changing environment.   To help mitigate volatility and loss of investment value we have embraced the power of cash.  That means that during times of unusual turbulence or a negative forecast, we may sell investments and hold cash to help preserve your principal.  In other words, the market’s risk may be too much to warrant an investment. 

What goes into the decision-making process? 

  • Constant research and analysis.  Our philosophy for managing and maintaining a disciplined investment process involves staying constantly connected to what’s going on in the global and local economy. By partnering with LPL Financial, we have access to some of the most experienced economists and researchers in the industry.  
  • We use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis.  A common but potentially detrimental practice that many financial firms employ is to favor one of the two types of analysis.  In contrast, we approach the valuation of an investment by looking at both the fundamentals and technicals.  

We monitor every account daily and we're ready to act if an opportunity arises.  As active managers, rest assure that you'll always be on our radar and we'll monitor your account like it's our own. 

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