Who do we serve?

Pharos Wealth Management focuses on helping an array of clients:

  • Individuals
    • Anywhere on the investment risk spectrum: Conservative to aggressive investors
    • Different career stages: Young professionals to seasoned executives
    • High-net-worth
    • Retirees
    • Business owners
  • Families
  • The LGBT Community – click here to learn more. 
  • Estates

Of course, we're all inclusive and open to helping anyone that can potentially benefit from the services that we offer.  So, even if you don’t identify with any of the categories above, we’ll find a way to help.  

Our offices are in Novato, CA, but we're not geographically limited.  We work with clients all over the country, remotely and in person.  Everyone has a communication preference and we will work together to find the right fit for you – a perfect financial advisory relationship. 

What's it like to be a Pharos Wealth Management client?

We approach our relationship with you as if you're family. A genuine relationship is the foundation of productivity, understanding and confidence. We take communication incredibly seriously and we will always be available to help you: every email answered, every phone call returned, and a perpetually open line of communication. More than anything, we want you to have fun and be comfortable - after all, a financial planning meeting doesn't have to be a bore, right? 

This is a chronological list of the typical process from the first meeting and beyond: 

1. We have a friendly chat. We learn a little bit about each other and have a dialogue about your current financial situation.  There are never any expectations, nor is there any pressure - just exploration, connection and possibilities.

2. Pharos Wealth completes a financial analysis. We will complete a thorough analysis of your complete financial picture, including: Individual investments, tax situation, risk management, strengths and weaknesses, estate planning, etc.

3. If and only if. If the fit is right, we discuss the transition of becoming a client.

4. Financial planning commences. Once you become a client, we start the financial planning and implementation process. This is the stage where we start to put our plan into action.

5. Regular follow-up. We will meet quarterly or semiannually (should you choose to) in an effort to remain closely connected and engaged. This allows us to catch you up with our progress and check to see if you've undergone any changes in your financial life.

Behind the scenes, we're constantly monitoring your accounts to make sure we're taking the proper steps to manage your investment portfolio and your overall financial plan.

There will always be means of communication and we will always be here to help you. Communication and transparency are two of the most important relationship practices a financial advisor can provide - we are diligent about our availability.