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We believe in full transparency and full disclosure - especially when it comes fees.  

Pharos Wealth Management acts as a fiduciary which means we are required by law to act in the best interest of the client: you.  We look for the best, most appropriate strategy for YOU, regardless of how we are compensated.

As independent financial advisors, we offer brokerage and advisory services through LPL Financial.  That means that we have an open platform and the option to generate revenue either through fees or commissions.  To put it simply, we make money in two ways: 

  1. We charge a percentage based on the amount of assets we're managing.

    Fun Fact: Fees you pay to a financial advisor to manage a taxable investment account may qualify for a tax deduction.  Are you claiming what's rightfully yours? Click here to ask us.
  2. As a full service financial consulting firm we offer guidance and advice in the world of insurance.  When suitable, we offer services on a commission basis.  We will always disclose this before any transaction is made. 

Monthly statements detail the fees so your standing is always clear. We also have regular discussions about fees in every review meeting so there are never any surprises and you're always in the know.  


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