We believe in full transparency and full disclosure - especially when it comes to fees.  

Pharos Wealth Management acts as a fiduciary which means we are required by law to act in the best interest of the client: you.  We look for the best, most appropriate strategy for YOU, regardless of how we are compensated.

As independent fee-based financial advisors, we offer brokerage and advisory services through LPL Financial.  That means that we have an open platform which gives you options to engage with us in the most cost-effective manner. Different people have different needs and we've created an accessible model that allows us to serve clients in a way that best suits them.  To put it simply, compensation works in one of a few ways: 

  1. For investment and portfolio management clients, we charge an annual percentage based on the amount of assets we're managing.  The advisory fee comes out of your investment account automatically, which make it simple, trackable and transparent. 


  2. Hourly consulting for financial advice: For clients that don't utilize our ongoing investment management services, we offer an alternative method. Hourly consulting provides an opportunity to address one-off projects and complex financial planning issues.


  3. A la carte Financial Plan: We've developed a method that allows us to effectively create a financial plan for clients who don't utilize our investment management services.  With these relationships, we work together to create, maintain and monitor the plan.  For more information on what the financial planning process looks like, please click here.

    *For our investment and portfolio management clients that have portfolio balances greater than $1,000,000, Financial Plans are included and there are no extra fees. 

  4. As a full-service financial consulting firm, we offer guidance and advice in the world of insurance.  When suitable, we offer services on a commission basis.  We will always discuss this before any transaction is made so you'll never be caught off guard and you'll always be in the know.  

Monthly statements detail the fees, so your standing is always clear. We also have regular discussions about what you're paying in every review meeting so there are never any surprises and you're always in the know. 

We encourage you to reach out to us so we can discuss which option best suits you.  As fiduciary financial advisors, we will help guide you to the most cost effective and appropriate arrangement for you.


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