So, what is the Financial Planning Client Portal?

The client portal is your personal financial website.  The client portal displays a dashboard that gives you a clean and clear view of your entire financial picture.  You can view all of your investments, track your spending, create budgets, and monitor your financial plan within the portal.  

Creating a financial plan/roadmap has never been easier.  By utilizing your portal's tools, you and your Pharos Wealth Management financial advisor can work together to build a financial roadmap.  


Connect all of your accounts so you can see them in one place: your financial dashboard.


Interact with your finances by using charts and looking at detailed views. Sometimes a new angle can be enlightening. 


After connecting your accounts, you'll see an organized and categorized view of your spending.  The budgeting tool helps you set a budget so you can work towards your goals.


Safely and securely store your most important documents, financial or otherwise. 

Screen Sharing

You can easily connect with your Pharos Wealth Management financial advisor by way of a screen sharing session.  Your financial advisor can walk you through the financial plan, step by step in real time. 

Mobile and Tablet

Your client portal is accessible by mobile and tablet devices so you can access your financial happenings on the go. 


Set and track your targets by using the helpful organization tools.  As your financial picture changes, you can update your goals and set new targets with ease. 


Get a clear, up to date view of your spending.  This will help you understand how much you're spending, and where.  

Test the waters?

If you're not sure the financial planning process is right for you, test the waters and use our interactive retirement tool.  It'll walk you though a few simple questions and give you insights about your goals and how to get there.  To check it out, click the link below.  If you'd rather get straight to it and talk to a Pharos Wealth Management financial advisor, give us a call. 

Interactive Financial Roadmap

Want to learn more about the financial planning client portal?

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